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1:1 Personalized Macronutrient & Fitness Coaching For Women At Any Age & Experience Level

WarriorBabe VIP™️

Dedicated 1:1 Personal Coach
Customized Macro Adjustments
WarriorBabe App Access
Customized Workouts For Your Goals
1:1 Check Ins With Your Coach
VIP Community Access


The WarriorBabe VIP is a 1:1 personal training 12-month program tailored specifically to you. Work with a coach to get your macronutrients, exercises, adjustments, etc., and reach your desired body goal.


The WarriorBabe VIP is hosted online and consists of a dedicated mobile app, check-in’s, live Q&A calls, and an online community. You work with your coach online, on your own time.


The WarriorBabe VIP is online, it starts the moment you enroll. Your coach will onboard you and get you started ASAP. Our VIP agreements are 12-month plans to guarantee you achieve the body of your dreams.


The WarriorBabe VIP is for anybody who wants to be in control of their body and the way it looks for the rest of their life. It works for anybody, regardless of their knowledge or previous experience.


You work with your coach to determine your body goals and how to achieve them. Your dedicated coach will provide you with customized macronutrients, workout plans, and work with you to adjust as your body begins to evolve.


I created the VIP because women were always asking me for a dedicated personal training program from someone who actually has done it.

Here’s How It Works

To change your body composition and change your life, education is not enough, you need an immersive enviornment.

WarriorBabe VIP provides proven process, mental reprogramming, community and expert mentorship.

Dedicated 1-on-1 Coach

All coaches are certified in both nutrition and fitness, and most hold additional specialty certifications. Your coach will monitor your progress and guide you to the outcome you’re looking for.


1-on-1 Monthly Coaching

Every woman’s ideal macro numbers change over time, but you never have to make these updates alone. Every month, you’ll have a call with your coach to help you through these transitions and continue seeing results.

Team Huddles

Biweekly group calls with your VIP coach to showcase your wins, get every question you have answered and stay on track with your macros, workouts and mindset through every change in your body and goals.

24/7 Support

Any time you have a question, all you have to do is send a private message to your coach (you should get a reply in 24-48 hours). Anything you’re not comfortable sharing with the group stays between you and your coach.

Weekly Community Calls

3x per month, Nikkiey gives you one mindset idea to make fitness more effortless and enjoyable. Then 1x per month, we host a roundtable hyper-focused on ONE macro mastery technique you can use immediately!

WarriorBabe App

Individual workout plans where you can log your weight per exercise for future reference and see your number of reps updated by your coach. Every exercise has a demo video within the app so you can always check your form!

Because of our strict requirements for adding new coaches to the program, we only have so many openings available at any given time.

If you’re ready to see if you qualify, just fill out the short 2 to 3-minute application below and book a time to chat with someone from our team.

We look forward to helping you!

WarriorBabe Has Proven Results

Does WarriorBabe work? There’s only one way to find out, by seeing whether our students actually had success. Here are the numbers to date (we’re just getting started).


Babes Helped


VIP Customers


5 Star Testimonials

4.9 Stars – 1,500+ customer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I expect to see results?

While building a great body composition takes time (just as it took time to get to where you are right now), you can expect certain changes to happen very quickly. For example, our clients who follow the exact program laid out by their coaches often experience more energy, less brain fog, better sleep, and other quality-of-life improvements within their first week.

If you stick with the program for a long time (while eating foods you love, doing less cardio, and gaining back time in your life!), you’ll get to look back in 6 months to a year and see a completely new you!

I have a busy lifestyle. Will I have access to daily meal plans? What kind of time commitment do I need to expect?

While your VIP coach will design a training program specifically tailored to support your goals, you should expect to train for at least 4-6 hours per week. You’ll buy groceries, plan your meals, and pre-log your macros each day, and your coach will be available to guide you through picking foods you enjoy while hitting your unique macro numbers.

How do I know that my VIP coach will be a good fit for me?

Our WarriorBabe VIP coaches are certified in both nutrition and fitness and hold other specialty certifications, education, and experience in the field. While members cannot select a specific VIP coach, every coach goes through a rigorous hiring process, all hand-selected to join the coaching team by WarriorBabe founder Nikkiey Stott.

We use the information you share with us to pair you with your optimal coach from the very beginning, and our coaching team then works collectively to ensure that all of our VIP babes get the most personalized and effective help possible! In the rare occurrence that you and your coach aren’t a perfect fit, you can always reach out and we’ll pair you with a different coach based on your feedback.

How often can I communicate with my VIP coach?

As a VIP babe, you have a direct line via written messages in our app. to your VIP coach daily. Our coaches have 24-48 hours to respond to all messages; this will ensure that our coaches are providing the most useful, detailed guidance possible in their responses. In addition, you have access to team huddles with your VIP coach and fellow VIP babes every other week, as well as weekly community calls led by WarriorBabe founder, Nikkiey Stott, and specialty-topic discussions led by the VIP coaching team each month. You will also have a one-on-one call with your VIP coach monthly. All calls are hosted via Zoom.

Here’s What Our Babes Are Saying

Our customers aren’t just satisfied, they are completely in control and love their bodies.

DeeDee Monahan
Emily Nelson
Nilda Rau
Lisa Brothers
Jennifer Lee
Ines Manziano
Janna Prolo
Kate Rieselman
Chrissy Haney
Erica Collins
Pamela Seamster
Ashley Tatum