Things To Know Before Starting Your Fitness Journey

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Working hard and still not getting the results...

There is nothing worse than getting on the phone with a women who is genuinely and honestly trying to get results and is still unable to.

The frustration I can feel from these women (and it is a-lot of them) is tremendous.

1. The first major mistake most of them are making is in the diet.

Generally speaking they need to eat more, but this is just scratching the surface, and must be pulled off using specific techniques for the results to sent in.

2. The second major mistake is in the focal point of the exercise program.

Typically there is much more cardio than there is strength training, and strenght training is what builds the muscle.

And muscle is so so so important for the body, metabolism, shape, everything to come together.

3. The last big mistake is in the way they are approaching "getting toned".

Like it is something that is going to happen one day, and then baloons fall from the sky, and then that its you made it.

This thinking hurts women much more than it helps them.

And simply shifting your mindset to one of the REALITY that this is a long term journey.

And if I want to be fit and healthy today, it is worth it to be fit and healthy tomorrow, and then for the rest of my life.

I can MORE than help you with these 3 things.

It doesn't even scratch the surface.

If you want to build a body that demands respect.

And more importantly, lead a lifestyle that DESERVES respect.

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