Meet Nikkiey Stott

Founder of WarriorBabe

Hi, I’m Nikkiey Stott, and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you.

I grew up in a small suburb town in Pennsylvania called West Chester.

Pretty much right out of high school my body began to take a turn for the worst and I started holding an ugly layer of fluff – specifically on my stomach and thighs.

This fluff caused me to have a really unhealthy relationship with my body and the way it looked.

I was stuck feeling this way for years…

I wanted to wake up in a body I felt good about…

I wanted to feel confident when I went out…

I wanted to look in the mirror and feel beautiful and toned…

I wanted to be a positive influence to my friends and family…

But something was holding me back and kept me stuck in my tracks.

Fast forward 4 years.

I finally cracked the code.

I figured out how to achieve the body of my dreams…

& best of all, I do so while eating the foods I love.

Since then, I’ve tested my strategies with women as young as 18, and as old as 74….

Women who have 50lbs+ of fat to burn off, to frequent gym goers who want to just tone things up a notch, and everything in-between.

And for everyone who uses it…

Fat melts away forever, and beautiful toned muscles reveal themselves like hidden treasures that were there all along, just waiting to be brought to the surface.

Now listen…

My journey was painful and I made every poor decision in the book.

When I was getting started, the first step I made was to hire a “fitness expert” who gave me a quick-fix plan that restricted my calories.

I started to see changed FAST!

Physically I felt terrible, but my body fat dropped and I could see my muscles for the first time in years!

But after months of starving myself I started to have cravings so bad…

Like SO BAD!

All I could think about was food.

I could not think straight, had no energy and pulled me back in all areas of my life.

Finally I decided to give in and start eating normal again and my body FREAKED out.

My metabolism had completely crashed from my restrictive diet and in just two weeks of eating normal I gained back 18lbs of fat…

What took me months to achieve was gone almost instantly.

I was devastated.

 All of my progress…


I was back feeling uncomfortable and unhappy in my own skin.

I couldn’t feel look in the mirror without feeling disgusted.

Astonishingly – I did it again.

I decided to go back to restrictive diets and starving myself.

But this time, I went 10x harder…

Deeper into the deficit.

Deeper into obsessing over IG models.

Deeper into spending hours doing cardio.

Deeper into hell.

& then – I was in the hospital.

My organs were crashing…

My digestion was completely fucked up…

I went months with ZERO sex drive…

I couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time…

I lost my period for months…

I was manic and hard to be around…

& all of this came from aggressively following the main stream classic diets.

“Quick-Fix Diet”

“Restrictive Eating”

“2 Hours of Cardio A Day”

It’s a recipe for disaster.

But the silver lining of all of this?

I struggled through this pain and made these mistakes…

So you NEVER have to.

I broke through the other side and have since become one of the top ranked natural pro physicque athletes in the world 3 times…

I’ve discovered how you can change your body composition and finally achieve that sexy, lean athletic look you have always desired.

Even better, I pioneered a way to do it that doesn’t require copious amounts of cardio or starving yourself ever again.

Sooner or later you realize you need a sustainable real solution.

& that’s how WarriorBabe was born.

Fast forward to present day.

We have been able to help tens of thousands of women get toned and achieve the bodies of their dreams.

Just check out our Reviews page – filled with happy, confident, toned women.

Our team has grown from just myself in my bedroom to over 25 strong women on a mission to help others see the light.

Every single member of our team is someone who had true success with WarriorBabe and loved it so much they wanted to help other women feel the same way.

Here at WarriorBabe we offer a completely innovative way for you to achieve the body of your dreams…

We do so by uniquely diagnosing both your current situation and your desired goal to figure out the best plan of action for your UNIQUE situation.

Every woman is different…

& to give them all the same guide to follow is foolish and wrong.

That’s why here at WarriorBabe we are so focused on giving you a customized strategy specific to you.

If you’re interested, feel free to apply for a free strategy session here.

We’ll review your application and hop on the phone with you to make sure we really understand your situation…

Then give you a plan to achieve the body of your dreams.

Plain & simple.

I’m so proud of what we have created here and the women we have helped.

This truly is the final stop on the lifelong journey you have been on to find a fitness program that actually works.

WarriorBabe is it.

I hope to see you inside one of your communities!

Signing off.

Nikkiey Stott – WarriorBabe

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