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The #1 Toning Progress Killer Hidden In Restrictive Diets…

The #1 Toning Progress Killer Hidden In Restrictive Diets…

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How Companies Keep Women Hooked Even Without Seeing Results!

The fitness industry has a dark secret hidden behind promises of quick-fix results and unattainable goals.

It keeps women jumping from diet to diet, always starting something new and then bouncing back, even when they know deep down that nothing is going to change.

The end result is that you can try going on keto, low-fat, intermittent fasting, whatever the latest trend is… And still be pulled into yet another program making the same promises, using a different type of restriction.

Typically, it also comes with the promise of absurdly fast results, and it’s so cleverly designed that even if you never see lasting results after doing everything right, it’s nearly impossible to resist coming back over and trying again…

No matter how frustrating or difficult it becomes!

These companies pull women in by using complicated systems that only work under extremely specific circumstances.

Keto is a perfect example: Ketosis only kicks in when carbs are almost completely absent from your body… And at the moment you reintroduce carbs to your diet, this fat-burning mechanism grinds to a halt.

Intermittent fasting relies on avoiding all food except for within a very specific window of time. But outside of that time, you may be constantly battling hunger and fatigue until you’re even allowed a snack.

While some women have the time and willpower to get everything absolutely perfect, this lifestyle isn’t realistic for the vast majority of women. Plus, it’ll make you miserable faster than you can say “low cal”!

If you understand this secret and how it’s designed to keep you hooked on programs that never work, you can take back control and turn the tables on these unrealistic and unsustainable diets forever.

I can attest to this… I was on brutally restrictive plans in my competition days, and once I discovered why I could never see the results I wanted unless I put my body through hell, everything clicked into place.

Since then and for the past 7 years, I’ve worked out about 3-5 days a week, eating a sustainable and enjoyable diet that allows me to stay toned year-round without the ups and downs most nutrition plans are infamous for.

I’ve never looked back since. Restrictive diets don’t work, plain and simple — look at what happens with those “success stories” months or years later and that will be abundantly clear.

I can show you the same step-by-step process over 8,138 women have used and continue to use right now to make and KEEP progress they never found with any restrictive diets!




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