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Top Workout Tips For A Healthy & Lean Body Post-Menopause

Top Workout Tips For A Healthy & Lean Body Post-Menopause

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A Straightforward Path To Building A Toned, Healthy Body You Love

Prioritize building muscle

After around the age of 30, our bodies have a harder time of building and maintaining muscle, which is only exacerbated by the hormonal changes present during menopause.

It becomes more important than ever to focus on strength / resistance training to elevate and preserve your bed of muscle tissue…

Not only for building the physique you want, but also to make your body more resilient against injuries.

Manage your cardio carefully

Cardio can knock you off balance by introducing greater physical stress…

Causing increased inflammation and overproduction of stress hormones like cortisol that cause you to hold onto more fat stores.

Too much cardio can create the exact effect you want to avoid, so don’t go crazy with it!

Additive movements

Combating stiffness has a wide range of benefits that go beyond simply feeling good when you move.

Being more limber can even help you get more juice out of your resistance training since you’re able to use smoother motions!

You can support your tendon and ligament health and feel great by doing more mobility work, foam rolling, and dynamic stretching.

Balance exercises

One of the most common causes of injuries as we age is a reduction in our balance.

This doesn’t only imply falls and more extreme injuries — I’m talking about regular minor issues that come up.

By working on your balance, you can spend less time in pain and move more effectively, so be sure to work balance movements into your daily routine.

Even a few times a week is enough!

Get feedback

Menopause comes with unique challenges that many fitness coaches aren’t equipped to address, especially not specifically with macronutrient-based plans…

Which are the most effective approach for toning consistently without the draconian diet restrictions you’ll find in many mainstream programs.

But with the right feedback, you can spot the holes in your current approach and get recommendations customized to what you need based on your goals, age, and what’s most important to YOU.

WarriorBabe has a growing roster of certified fitness coaches trained in macronutrients who can do just that, and if you want to get in control of your body composition and health sustainably…


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