Inside The WarriorBabe Blueprint


Here’s a quick look inside the Blueprint, my comprehensive course on eating and working out for your unique body type.

You’ll be able to see a list of modules, how our Q&A sessions work, how to get chat support from our team, and overall what you can expect if you decide to join.

If you’re on the fence or just want to see what it’s all about, give it a look and I’ll see you there!

At the end, if the Blueprint looks like exactly what you need to get toned, fill out the short application to chat with my team — together we’ll see if we can help you get where you want to be.

Get Toned And Change Your Body Composition

Gain proven processes, eliminate all confusion around diet and exercise, join a community of badass women, and achieve the toned body of your dreams.


What’s up, babe? Nikkiey here. And right now I wanted to share with you the inside of the WarriorBabe Blueprint program and what you can expect when you join our community today. So broadly speaking, I’m gonna talk about the course content that you will have access to and also share with you additional support options that will be available for you along your journey here, inside this program. So first, once you get your login information and you’ve signed in to the program, this is a screen that you will be brought into. It is a Welcome to the Blueprint and you will first walk through these material right here, this course content, the course module’s on this side to get yourself set up with the foundations and how we operate here inside the program. So you’re gonna understand our ground rules, how to participate in the weekly Q&As, which is the expert coaching calls that you have access to forever, and then just some helpful tips to get yourself set up with some of the apps and accessories that I recommend for you to get started. Now, this is always where you’ll be able to find the course content in all of the tabs here, once I click on these, and then, a really awesome feature is the downloadable section where anything that I feel is very important or a very key reference for you to have here inside of the program, I’ve made it into a PDF form so that you can come here to the downloadable section, download it and print it out, and always be able to reference back to that material. So once you’re complete with the Welcome to the Blueprint, you will dive into the Mindset Masterclass and really getting your mindset set for the journey that you are about to embark on here. What are your goals? Why are they your goals? Ridding yourself from any program that you’ve ever done before because I guarantee you, what I’m gonna teach here and what you are going to experience here is something different than you’ve ever done before. So that’s inside the Mindset Masterclass. Then we’re gonna move into the Macro Mastery, and this is where you are going to personalize everything to your particular situation for yourself, for where you’re starting, and the goals that you want to accomplish with yourself, down to your age, your height, your stats, and your particular goal of whether it’s toning and shaping right to start or maintaining and building. These are all of the course material pieces that will be involved with the Macro Mastery. And again, all of the downloadable action, each piece of content has a downloadable action below for you to be able to always reference here. And then we’re gonna move into the Workout Philosophy. So depending on what your goal is here inside this program, there are specific workout programs that you will be following based off the goal that you want to accomplish. So if you wanna tone and shape, you’re gonna be following our burn program, but most importantly, there’s a three-month program inside of this program for you to follow with workouts, but I expect you to understand how to build your own. So I’m not only giving you a program to follow, but I’m also teaching you how to build your own for the years to come. If your goal is to maintain a build, you will follow the build side. If you are somebody who is going through menopause or has hormonal imbalances, then you will follow a program that’s specifically suitable for you. And then this is where we dive into more fun aspects with understanding how macro nutrients really are a lifestyle and how to go about sustainably living that lifestyle while you are reaching the goals that you want to accomplish. So there’s being in control of situations, vacations, and traveling, if you’re an endurance athlete, if you have surgeries, or if you experienced injuries or sickness, everything that you can imagine that you are going to be dealing with in your life, I have broken it down for you that will help you stay on track with your goals. And then as we deep dive further… What you start out with here inside of your macronutrients and placing your goals, those are not gonna be for every macros that you follow. So inside of this Macro Adjustments, you will understand exactly how to adjust your macros, whether you are looking to continue with toning and shaping and decreasing more fat and tricking your body or if you want to then come up and start building your caloric intake up so you can start building some more muscle and really changing your body composition. Again, this is a journey, and your body composition will change as you move through different phases. So you have all of that information here. And then some extra fun information for you to learn. I’m really keen about the science behind the things, it’s the hormonal side, cortisol, insulin, down to our periods, even after menopause, what to expect. And then the last thing is Next Level Execution. So more mindset strategies that will really help you become that stronger, more confident version of yourself. So that’s all of the course content that you can expect. There’s a lot of pieces that will take you from where you are right now to the goals that you wanna accomplish, but understand you don’t have to do this all alone and you will not be doing this all alone. So additional support options for you inside this program, we have this little chat feature here. So once you sign in, and maybe there’s something inside the course that you didn’t come across or you maybe bypass it really quick of your excitement, you can type here and my team will be able to respond to you and help you with any questions that you have. And then on top of that, you have the weekly two-time expert coaching calls where you’re able to chat with me and be a part of the other babes that are inside this community and get any clarification that you need as you are moving through this course. Right, maybe there’s a point where it comes to like, “I just wanna make sure that I’m doing this right. I wanna go on a Q&A and talk to Nikkiey about it.” Or I always like to say treat these Q&As as your check-ins, right? So you’re gonna be able to see that other women are going inside of this course and they’re using these expert coaching calls as a way to be able to check in with me to make sure that they’re on the right track, all right? And then really quick, just some fun I’ll add in, showing you our community inside of here so you can see all of the other women who are participating inside of this course and what you can expect when you join here with our program. So you’ll see everybody sharing their photos. There’s so much support. There’s so much motivation and inspiration here inside of our course. This is what you can expect when you join our program today and all of the pieces that will be covered inside this program. I cannot wait to see you on the inside, babe.

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