What is WarriorBabe VIP?


Have questions about how the VIP program works, and how it’s different from the Blueprint? How it can help you reach your fitness goals faster? Or just curious to have a look inside?

I break down the entire program, including:

  • What to expect inside the Facebook group (it’s a completely different one from the Blueprint — and my coaches and I are a lot more active in there)…
  • A closer look at our intimate weekly Q&A calls, where you can directly ask me every question you have, face to face…
  • How I can help you achieve your goals step-by-step in the fastest way possible…
  • Our full monthly tracking system that keeps you on target and shows you exactly where you’re moving closer to or farther away from your goals (and how to fix it)…
  • How to apply for your free strategy session to see how the VIP program can help you crush your goals…

And by the end, you’ll have a much better idea of whether it’s right for you.

The gist is that the VIP program involves full one-on-one coaching — but since it’s entirely virtual, you might be wondering what that actually looks like.

I’ve broken everything down so you can see how every single aspect of this program is optimized to get you to your goals faster.

If you want to talk to someone on my team to see if this program is right for you, fill out a quick application and we’ll get you taken care of!

Get Toned And Change Your Body Composition

Gain proven processes, eliminate all confusion around diet and exercise, join a community of badass women, and achieve the toned body of your dreams.


What’s up babe? Nikkiey here. And with this video today, I am going to discuss what the WarriorBabe VIP is and basically how you can take your body to that next level faster, by moving from the education, do it yourself to having it done for you one-on-one with the new era of online personal coaching. And that is one-on-one interaction between you and your personal coach working together to meet the goals that you want to accomplish. And the WarriorBabe VIP is a program that I have that will do that exactly for you. It is a program that has produced five to six month insane next level transformations. The VIP is really where the magic happens. So, what we are going to be talking about today is WarriorBabe VIP. What it is, what is involved, who is it for, who is it not for? How you can get involved with this and use it to create that next level of transformation faster for yourself. So, what the VIP is, is it’s designed to take you from that education learning, you know, doing it yourself to applying your knowledge with your personal coach to put the plan needed to accomplish your goals in action and reach your goals faster. So, most people tend to reach their starter goals within eight to 12 month periods with the education and the learning and doing it yourself model. But in the VIP, we see babes reach their starter goals in five to six months. When being held more accountable and interacting more one-on-one with their personal coach. That is the goal with everyone who is inside the VIP, getting it done faster on realistic terms. Now, there’s a total shift in mindset in the dedication, in the commitment with the WarriorBabe VIP. The people inside of the VIP are totally different. They’re on a totally different wavelength. The conversations that we have inside the VIP are on totally different wavelengths. And everyone inside of the VIP is there really to do the work, they’re goal-driven, they know exactly what they want to do, and they know exactly how to obtain that goal that they’re striving for. Super goal driven, no excuses, they just put in the work. So, now I want to talk to you about what makes it different. You know, what is the difference between the blueprint and the VIP? So, there are few key things that are totally different between the different programs, and in terms of how it’s delivered, I’m going to explain it to you and break it down like this. There are different Facebook groups. So there’s a complete higher level of service. The Facebook group only has about a hundred members inside. The VIP program only has about a hundred plus members inside. So it is a totally different dynamic when compared to the blueprint. You know the blueprint Facebook group, we have well over 1200 members or something, and the VIP, it only has a hundred plus. So it is a way more tighter knit community. Everybody knows each other and they know what they’re doing. And I personally check on the VIP group every day. I personally reply to the questions, to the comments, and all of that. Whereas in the blueprint, I don’t really have the ability to do that because it’s at such a higher volume. So I have a lot of community leaders and managers that do that kind of work in the blueprint, whereas in the VIP you get my personal attention. The community calls. So they’re just like the blueprint and we hold them, Q and A calls every single week. But the key difference is at the VIP is where we are face to face with our smaller community. So like in the blueprint, when you get on the calls, and you type in I have a question, you have to wait for 15 plus babes to speak. The VIP is a smaller community. We are face to face, we are way more intimate. And you know, one of the calls I handle, one of the calls is myself and the VIP coaches. We host an educational Q and A. And the other call you meet in even smaller groups with your personal coach to go through your weekly wins, to go through another Q and A, and to set intentions for the new week moving forward. So it’s a smaller community, more intimate, and you’re face to face. And then the last one, the third one is that we’re way more hands on. We’re way more hands on the VIP. So on the VIP, we can see everything that you do on a daily basis down to the macronutrient meal logs, to you checking into your scheduled workouts, to you, you know, when you sign into your personal application last. There isn’t anything that you can get past us coaches inside the VIP program. Whereas compared to the blueprint, there isn’t this level of accountability available. So when I say that this is totally a different level of service, I mean, it is completely night and day between the blueprint program. There is tons of personal help here inside the VIP and the level of service is completely different. So, I mean, there are so many more manual concepts the VIP program that make it completely different from the blueprint. So, you know, if you’ve gone through the blueprint and you’ve enjoyed the content, everything, but you are really looking for some deeper connection with the coach. You know, if you want a more private conversations, you know, way more hands on. Well, you know, in the blueprint it isn’t really that possible, but in the VIP that is a sort of thing that happens every single day. Okay now, I want to explain the difference and the tools available to you in the VIP because it’s not just about, you know, making the transformations that I’ve shown you. It’s not about the totally different model that I’ve explained with the more hands on approach with a totally different level of service. We also provide the best tools ever created. These tools are what have created these transformations. I mean, the blueprint program is amazing. It has helped so many women get started but nothing has produced amazing results that the VIP has. Everyone has their own story and their own journey that they’re on. But these are a few of the women, a few of the many women who I wanted to highlight here. You know, Branny up here in the top left. She’s 47 years old. I mean guys, look at that. She got a natural booty lift with only a seven pound difference in those photos. That’s a five month transformation. Then we got Marie over here on the top right. She’s 39 years old and she was eating 2,000 plus calories and lost 50 plus pounds in five months in this picture. Got Jen down here in bottom left, she’s 30 years old. She completely transformed her body in a 15 month period. But I wanted to highlight the fact that she’s gone through a cut, and a build, and then a cut again to change her body composition like this. And then Robin in the bottom right. She’s 54 years old, and she didn’t let the excuses of menopausal age stop her. We got her eating more food than she was in the left picture and the right picture, and getting those results in the right picture. And that’s a six-month transformation. And guys, I mean she’s 54 years old and she’s got abs, like this is freaking incredible. You know, and not to mention our only member in the 400 carb club Cheryl Beaver, who is a very popular individual between all of our programs. She’s 57 years old. And working on building more muscle in this picture here, and in the phase that she’s in. So now, okay, let’s talk about the actual tools. What do we deliver inside of the VIP program? So in the blueprint, you know, I have to assume that somebody knows nothing about anything. Because I had people who joined who don’t even know what a macro is. They have never tracked a day in their life before. They know nothing. So I’ve assumed that somebody knows absolutely nothing about anything. So I have to assume that that person watching the videos knows nothing and I have to leave no stone unturned in the description and my explanation with everything. So, you know, the course is more thorough which is great for those who are just starting out because there is no part that they can’t understand because of all of the information in there. But, sometimes people are at slightly different levels. And, once people get into it and they get started, sometimes the content can be a little bit too long-winded because these people just need these specific things so that they can get the work done faster and get the results quicker. So in the VIP, we, the coaches do the work for you and all you have to do is follow it. We eliminate your thinking, and have you just do. So with the VIP you get your own personal application with your own unique login access. And inside of this application, your coach will build your personal monthly workouts designed for your goals. You can see that right here in the picture. And with that inside, you know, with the inside workout features, you can check into your workouts, you can track your weights, you can hit personal bests and so much more. So you can see checking into your workouts here and you can log your weights, and track your workouts and everything like that. Now, also inside the personal app, your coach will establish your personal macronutrients. And with that inside, that nutrition feature, your coach can see if you’ve hit your macros for the day, how consistent you are on a weekly basis, and then provide you feedback and so so so much more. And then weekly, you will check in with your coach via progress photos inside the app, a weekly questionnaire, and so much more too as well. With this weekly data from you and your coach, your coach will control any modifications you need to your workouts, adjustments to your macros, and anything necessary to continue getting the results. You guys, the accountability with our tools inside the VIP program is completely unmatched. And it’s a huge reason why so many women succeed. Now, additionally, as a part of your onboarding process into the VIP, you and your coach meet face to face via Zoom to discuss your programming and plan your strategic action to reach your goals. Weekly, we hold two coaching calls, one with myself and the whole community. And then the other with your coach in a group in a smaller setting with the other babes that she coaches. And then for additional support, you have one-on-one private messaging features in your app, walkie talkie access to your coach, and one private coaching call monthly to ensure that you’re on the right track and you and your coach are on the same wavelength with your goal. So, you know, that is what we do and the value that we provide inside of our VIP program. Now, let’s talk about how you can actually get started because unlike the blueprint, this is a totally different thing, okay. With the blueprint, really anybody can buy it. With the VIP, we treat it way differently. It is a tight knit community, much smaller group. We provide a much higher level service, and we don’t just let anyone into the VIP because if we get the wrong people into it, it can be a huge drag on us. And we only want to work with people that we know we can help and that are going to put in the work. We really gatekeep and guard the doors when it comes to the VIP, because we want to maintain really exceptional high standards of people inside of that program. So, how can you get started if you want to get into the VIP? Step one, click the link below this video. Beneath this video, there’ll be a link that says learn more about the WarriorBabe VIP. That is the first step. Just click that link. Second step, fill out an application. Okay? That will be your next move is to fill out an application. It’s just a couple of questions that myself or my team will and can look through to see if we can help you. And if you meet the requirements and standards that we have for the VIP program. And then the last step is scheduling your strategy session call. You will schedule a call with either myself. I’m not kidding. I do some of these calls. Or if it’s not me, it will be my team. And we can chat with you to see if it’s a good fit for you. And if we want to include you inside of this group, okay? On the call, we will be transparent and tell you exactly what’s involved. You’ll tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we will just make sure that it’s a good fit. You know, the blueprint is open to the public to join us and inside the VIP, because we offer this higher level of service, we want to maintain exceptionally high standards that we have. That’s why we have different rules. So that is how you can get started. Click the link below this video, fill out the application. Then we’ll jump on a call and talk and if it sounds like it’s a good fit, then you can join us in the WarriorBabe VIP. If you want a little bit more hand holding, a higher level of support, one-on-one interaction with your personal coach, being a part of a community that’s in a whole different wavelength and have everything done for you, then the VIP program is for you. So I encourage you to click the link beneath this video, fill out the application, and schedule a time to chat with myself or my team. And we will take it from there.

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