Shoulder Day | Full Workout


I’ve got something special for you — a raw, inside look at one of my full shoulder workouts. Pants, grunts, everything (if you don’t have at least a few of these, you’re not working hard enough)!

You’ll get to see which shoulder exercises I do, with which machines, in which order, and why I do them the way I do.

This is much more of a practical demonstration than it is me just explaining everything, so it’s way more digestible and practical — no theory, just how to sweat it out and get the results you’re looking for.

BONUS: I even share a tip for fooling your brain into thinking you have fewer reps left than you actually do — and that will make every set much easier!

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What’s up everyone in Nikkiey here with WarriorBabe, and today we’re going to be hitting some shoulders, adding a little bit of chest. Now what I want you guys to focus on with this workout that I’m gonna share with you today, is I’m primarily gonna be trying to hit my lateral delt. So really growing this middle cap here. All right, so pay attention and let’s go hit it. All right, we’re gonna start off doing a superset. First exercise is going to be cable chest flys, and then we’re gonna go into doing dumbbell, bench press, and we’re gonna do four sets of 10 reps each. So as I’m taking my rest right now, I want to share with you guys that for my next set, I’m gonna increase my weight. So typically I do that. I start off with a little bit of a lighter weight to start letting my muscles know what I’m getting into. And then when I realized that it’s too late, I will increase to challenge myself a little bit more, while also making sure… Am I still filming? This is going to suck. This is going to suck. Fuck. I can’t do fucking eight with that. Supersets or a bitch. How are you guys? Next up we’re going to do some plate loaded military presses, a superset with some dumbbell side laterals. Four sets, 10 reps each. Love that feeling. Let’s go. So for this next set you guys, I wanted to incorporate and show you what proper form looks like. So a lot of people what they do wrong is a curl or back, and when the weight is too heavy, they’ll start pushing up like this with a arch in their back. What you wanna do for proper form, press your back up against the seat, lower your weight so to keep good form, and press up. Oh my God, on fire. Last set everyone here we go. How are you guys? Next superset that I’m gonna bring to you is… Like I said the beginning of this video targeting those lateral delt, medial delt to make that pop even more and the cap. So this next superset is going to be some more side laterals. Now, if you’re lucky enough to have this amazing machine in your gym, then I would recommend that you do it on this machine. If not, you can still replicate it by doing the dumbbells and a free weight. And I’m gonna superset that with some partial side laterals to really just hammer that portion of the delt out. If you don’t feel burned at the end of that, you’re doing it wrong, work harder. For the superset we’re gonna bang out four sets of 20 reps each. Again, higher repetition to really fatigue that muscle. That was 13 reps. Jesus Christ. Oh my God.

– Did you hit your phone?

– No, almost. There’s just some fire. My God. I can’t lift my arms up. Here’s a trick for you guys to trick your brain on the repetitions that you’re doing. So you have 15 reps to do, count backwards or count one, two three, four, five, and then start over again and do that obviously three sets of five. Tricks it to think that you’re almost done. There should be nothing pretty about your sets, okay? If you look pretty, you’re not making facial expressions, you’re not making grunts, you’re not working hard enough. Work harder, pick up heavier weight and do work. Fire. All right guys, so this next exercise, we’re gonna be doing some cable front raises. We’re going to do three sets of 15. Fuck. Last exercise that we’re gonna hit today is doing some rear delt. It’s gonna focus on, the back there, and we’re gonna hit three sets of 15. Much better. Here we go, last set guys. That’s a wrap. How are you guys? Make sure to subscribe to this channel. Hit the notification bell and leave what workout you guys wanna see next in the comment section below.

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